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Fern Leaves


As a certified Embodied Awareness practitioner I adore facilitating groups! My deepest love is holding space for women's circles **anyone identifying as female**.

I have a passion for supporting front line helping professionals to s  l  o  w d  o  w  n, connect within and reflect as a means of deepening their capacity to care for others.

Groups with me may include:

  • Collaboratively creating spaces for brave, vulnerable sharing while 'deep see diving' into our courageous intuitive guidance and the sanctuary of our hearts.

  • Connection

  • Creativity

  • Laughter

  • Bravely walking your edges of comfort

  • Learning from others

  • Re-membering your gifts and strengths


"I needed some time for me. Today was positive, peaceful and so helpful. I will take seeing and listening deeper into my work and family from today forward".

Frontline helping professional, Calgary

"I wanted to see what groups with you were all about. Today was calming, grounding and reflective. I am realizing how our senses are so much deeper than the obvious".

A.N> Human Resources, Calgary

"My experience in group was expansive, calming and opening". 

J.J. Support Worker. Calgary.

"My experience today was grounding, full of gratitude and fun! What a gift designing intentions just for me"

Support Worker, Calgary

"I have learned that taking better care of myself, as a practice, allows me to give a better version of me in my work and to my family rather than just the 'rest' of me. This weekend was calming, empowering and meditative. My senses are a gift! I learn more about myself by slowing down and paying attention. Everyone has different perspectives and they are all welcome".

T.M. Facilitator, Calgary

"When I arrived this morning I was disconnected and shut off, today was revealing, tough and incredibly motivating. I am working at trusting more. 

BSW, Calgary

"I started off this morning feeling hesitant and tired but also intrigued and curious. Today was subtle, cumulative and important. My greatest learning was: it is possible to 'meet' a person, perhaps more deeply and thoroughly, in the pauses before the words, defences and declarations of identity". 

K.W. Therapist, Calgary

"The past two days have been overwhelming, confrontational, connected and supportive. Mindfulness is so much more than your mind. I am curious and open for more".

A.M. Supervisor, Calgary


"You do not become good by trying to be good, but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that goodness to emerge."

~Eckhart Tolle

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